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all-in-4-implantsAll on 4 denture implants is a procedure that is sometimes known as same day teeth. The idea is that only 4 implants are needed to support an entire arch of teeth. Normally this would be 8-10.

All in 4 denture implants -what does that mean for me?

All in 4 denture implants can be for patients that have been told that they don’t have enough bone in the gums to support denture implants. Or if the patient is looking for a more affordable solution, with all in 4 denture implants there is a massive reduction in the costs compared to other alternatives. The All on 4 denture implants technique involves two of the dental implants tilted towards the front of the jaw bone, normally this is where the bone density is higher. Like any other denture implant procedure the all in 4 denture implants is a type of overdenture supported and attached to implants as opposed to regular dentures which rest on the gums. We would normally carry this out on the lower jaw because regular dentures tend to be less stable there unlike the upper jaw which is normally quite stable however we can make an implant supported denture on either the lower or upper jaws. As with any other denture implant the denture will be made of an acrylic base that will look like natural gums.

All in 4 denture implants – the process

The timeframe to complete and implant procedure depends on many factors. All in 4 denture implants are the quickest but may not be suitable for everyone and some of the other procedures can take at least five to seven months. To find out if all in 4 denture implants is a procedure for you call us today and arrange a consultation on 0141 280 3928. The cost is for implant retained dentures is exceptionally lower and more affordable than ever so call today.

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