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If you are searching for the best denture implants in Glasgow, you have come to the right place. Whether you have had false teeth or dentures for a while or are considering either dentures or denture implants for the first time our team of dedicated staff are on hand to offer the very best advice on the best denture implants for you.

best-denture-implantsBest denture implants – what are they?

After an initial consultation and if decided that denture implants are the way forward for you the best denture implants are considered to be one of the most successful types of denture or dental treatments. As much as, 95% of patients experience no swelling or infection and very little to no pain around implants after 5 years. We cannot guarantee that the best denture implants will last forever as a huge factor in this is principally how the patient takes care of the gums around their implants, which dictates the long-term prognosis, just like ordinary teeth daily care is essential for long term success, however here at our Glasgow dental practice should an implant fail within one year, it will be replaced free of charge.

Best denture implants – what are some problems after surgery?

Even if you have fitted the very best denture implants some problems can happen after the implants have been placed. A common condition is what is known as Peri-implantitis which can affect the gums around implants causing bone loss. When early diagnosis occurs, the condition is treatable: it must occur quickly to arrest bone loss as soon as possible.

Much more simple damage to the denture implants such as damage to acrylic prosthetic teeth may occur if you use your new ‘teeth’ to bite excessively hard on certain non-food materials.

However, like most of our patients the long term effects can be fantastic as long as your new implants are treated like natural teeth, brush around teeth and implants twice daily. After brushing clean in between using floss/tepe. Visit a dental hygienist every 3-6 months. If you smoke, please stop. It is never too late to have a positive effect on remaining teeth and implants going forward.
For more information or advice on the best denture implants get in touch with our team today and arrange a consultation.