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dental-implantWhen it comes to the cost of dental implants, it really does vary. With dental implants being a great alternative to false teeth the cost of dental implants compared to false teeth is a lot more. What you will find with our practice is before any dental implant procedure begins the patient will be given the full costs so be assured that there will be no nasty surprises along the way.

Cost of dental implants – what are they?

The cost of dental implants will depend on quite a few factors, the treatment will permanently fill an unsightly gaps and replace missing or broken teeth. So firstly it will depend on how many teeth need replaced. Secondly all patients will go through different types of xrays, this is to help determine how much bone is available in the gums, if there is enough to support the implants this will have a major effect on the cost of dental implants for that particular patient because if it is found that there is not enough bone then bone transplants will be needed which will add to the costs. Thirdly there might be other costs involves where other forms of dental treatment might be needed again this will be dependent on each patients individual needs. What you can be rest assured of is that no dental implant treatment will start unless you totally understand the course treatment and financial costs for that particular dental plan. All of our staff are fully trained in implant technology, as this is a service which our training as a dental professional does not qualify us to provide, so we have undertaken extra training to achieve competence, when it comes to putting a dental implant plan in place there will be no hidden charges on your cost of dental implants.

Cost of dental implants – where do we begin?

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