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dental-implant-surgeryDental implant surgery is a procedure designed to help patients with missing or damaged teeth. Dental implant surgery offers patients a long term dental solution which looks and feels great. Dental Implants have many advantages such as keeping your face shape and natural smile. They are stable and long lasting and like natural teeth you can worry less about what you eat. Dental implants avoid the need for dentures and are really the next best thing to having your own teeth back.

Dental implant surgery – what is it?

Most people will look at dental implant surgery as getting a whole new set of teeth. This is sometimes the case but dental implants are used to replace a single broken tooth or to support a single crown, bridge containing two or more teeth or a denture covering your entire upper or lower jaw. Dental implant surgery will ensure that a patient ends up with natural long lasting teeth. Basically a dental implant is gently implanted under local anaesthetic, the titanium ‘roots’ bond with a patient’s bone, providing more stability than a natural tooth’s root. Dental implant surgery is now one of the most popular and affordable solutions for missing teeth, dental implants provide a permanent solution for patients who have lost one, some or all of their teeth and just like natural teeth if looked after properly can las a very long time.

Even if your teeth have been missing for some time, dental implant surgery could be the answer, you may have suffered some bone loss, but we may still be able to help you achieve a new smile with the aid of bone grafts or sinus lifts, after a full consultation we will be able to guide you in the best procedures or options available.

Dental implant surgery – what’s the first step?

For us to assess if dental implant surgery is suitable for you we offer a FREE no obligation consultation right here at our dental practice. Simply get in touch with us today to book a day and time that will be suitable.