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Time and time again we are asked about dental implants abroad. Before some of our clients get dental or denture implants with us here they do query why the price is substantially higher than cheaper alternatives they may have seen advertised on the internet or in the papers which are promoting dental implants abroad. Based in Glasgow we have place thousands of dental and denture implants.

Dental implants abroad – what is the difference?

It is only natural if you have missing teeth and are considering replacing them with dental implants, you will have researched the internet and seen clinics offering cheap dental implants abroad. We absolutely get how a lower price can be tempting. This might be fine and dandy if you were purchasing a low ticket item or an item that has absolutely no difference apart from the price, however, it’s important to understand that dental implants or denture implants is a highly sophisticated procedure which can have detrimental results if it’s not carried out properly and by experienced dental practitioners who practice here in Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK. If you are looking at dental implants abroad there are many highly skilled dental professionals in other countries but very hard to ascertain just how skilled they are or even what if any levels of training that they have had. There are also problems with;

Language barrier – frustrating when trying to communicate any problems you
Differing standards – standards of dental care can vary enormously from one country to another.
Implant quality – Another way to lower costs can be to use cheaper dental implants.
After care – there is always a chance that things may not go entirely to plan meaning a longer stay abroad than expected which could be very expensive and not the cheap dental implants abroad that you were expecting.

We fully appreciate you may be prepared to still take risks on denture or dental implants abroad but there are plenty of reasons for choosing dental implants in with us in Glasgow.

Dental Implants Abroad – ask us first

If you are considering dental implants abroad ask us first what we can do we feel you may be surprised at our affordable treatments that are carried out by full qualified professional dentists who are based here in Glasgow and have the full qualifications needed to practice in the UK.