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“Feel great and look great, real confidence booster, thanks so much to all the staff.”

“Procedure was not as painful as I thlought; staff put me completely at ease! After-care excellent… like travelling first class. Would like to think more people would tell others about procedure as it is definitely a confidence booster”.

“First class service. Thanks to all staff. Excellent facilities. No problems.”

Dental implants are used to support false teeth. A titanium screw is placed in the jawbone and is used to replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Implants are now a very well established treatment and are absolutely safe and just like natural teeth will last for as long as they are cared for. We would always recommend like natural teeth to have them regularly maintained as this will have a huge impact on how long they will last. If they are will looked after they can last many years.


Dental Implants – the procedure

Before any denture implants procedure can begin we will carry out a number of special tests. These test help us find out the amount of bone still left in the mouth which will ultimately determine how many denture implants will be needed, you can have any number of teeth replaced with implants. Once we have determined this, placing an implant is very similar to an extraction where you will not feel pain at the time but maybe for a few days after some discomfort will naturally happen, very much like an extraction. Sometimes before any procedure we will give a sedative for nervous patients or more complicated implants. Some false teeth can now be fitted at the same time as immediate implants we can advise if this is suitable for you. As far as time-scales all our patients are given a rough timetable before any treatment starts. Once we have finished the whole procedure we put every patient on an after-care programme as the dental implants that have been placed needs the bone in the jaw to grow onto them and this could take a few months so after-care is imperative for all our patients.

Had a good day – staff were excellent; no pain and looking forward to next few months.”

“Thoroughly professional; caring and re-assuring. Second visit to the practice, which perhaps tells its own story. Staff are very supportive and make the procedure all the better.”

“A fantastic day. Members of staff were very helpful and friendly. The expert team are great – really put my mind at rest. Had no worries was made to feel very comfortable – Tea Coffee Toast…Very little pain. Do not hesitate if you need this operation. Best thing I’ve done. Thank you very much.”

Dental Implants – is it for me?

To find out if dental implants would be suitable for you we have made this very easy. The first appointment is absolutely FREE and can be arranged by calling our experienced and caring teams at your nearest UK clinic.