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“My teeth are just right and look fantastic, my friends are all asking which clinic it was that done such a great job!”

“The day ran very smoothly and the staff were very friendly and helpful. If you have any doubts about getting this procedure done, then you can rest assured you’ll get the best service and help here. Thanks very much to all staff”.

“Very nice atmosphere; pleasant staff. Everyone very helpful and everything explained well.” “Great. Excellent staff…very happy.”

Dentures or implants is often a question we get asked. Each case is different therefore the answer is dependent on each individual case. At our dental practices throughout the UK, we carry out many different dental procedures both for private and NHS patients and have the experience to recommend which treatments are best suited to you.

Dentures or implants – the difference

Most patients that come to us are looking for an alternative to traditional dentures. They are looking for a better smile or look or just an alternative to that gagging feeling that traditional dentures tend to give. Teeth play an important part in everyday living which is why more and more people are looking at the many different alternatives, so dentures or implants what is the difference?

The implant denture itself can usually be much smaller than a traditional denture. The implant is fixed firmly in place so no more loose denture. Because we use skilled denture technicians the implant denture can be made as one normally meaning our patients are usually surprised at the low cost involved with the whole procedure considering the many benefits such a procedure brings. The end result normally means a better smile and more confident when eating certain foods with less maintenance as well in fact the closest any denture wearer will get to real teeth. So bare this in mind the next time you are deciding on dentures or implants.

Had a good day – staff were excellent; no pain and looking forward to next few months.”

“Thoroughly professional; caring and re-assuring. Second visit to the practice, which perhaps tells its own story. Staff are very supportive and make the procedure all the better.”

“A fantastic day. Members of staff were very helpful and friendly. The expert team are great – really put my mind at rest. Had no worries was made to feel very comfortable – Tea Coffee Toast…Very little pain. Do not hesitate if you need this operation. Best thing I’ve done. Thank you very much.”

Dentures or implants – how do I decide

There are many other benefits we could mention if you are considering denture implants. The best way to get a full list of answers to any of your questions is to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced and caring dental staff. Remember the first appointment is Free so type your town / city into the search bar to find the contact details of your nearest practice.