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There are different types of dental implants available and choosing the right ones could lead to the perfect solution to providing a more natural and confident smile.


Types of Dental Implants Explored

An individual may consider dental implants due to having missing teeth, loose dentures or even having trouble eating. Not only can this have an effect on an individual’s looks but it can also be embarrassing and lower confidence and therefore dental implants could be the long term solution to this. Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and over time as the implant heals it will fuse with your natural jawbone to form a long-lasting, strong foundation for your replacement tooth or teeth. So what types of dental implants are available to you?  Dental implants are potentially suitable for all clients but it is essential that a consultation is carried out to determi which option is best for you. The types of dental implants as well as the size and height available to you are dependent on the tooth or teeth which need to be replaced. An endosteal implant is placed into the jawbone whilst a subperiosteal implant is placed under the gum but on or above the jawbone and which type will be most suited to you will be determined during the consultation. However both types of dental implants can provide a long term solution for our clients. Dental implants can offer many advantages including creating a natural smile, avoiding the need for dentures, they will protect your healthy teeth as well as allow you to keep your face shape, allow you to eat comfortably and they are stable and long-lasting. All types of dental implants are safe and an effective replacement for the tooth root and the long term results are down to taking care of the gums.


Types of Dental Implants Available Today

If you are unhappy with your teeth or lack of teeth and are looking for a long term solution which gives you the look and feel of your original teeth then contact us today on 0141 280 2441.The types of dental implants available on the market vary but can all help to boost confidence, give a sense of freedom without worrying about what to eat or how you look and also ensure your neighbouring teeth are not affected. You will not be disappointed.