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dental-implant-surgeryIf you are a denture wearer you may be searching for types of denture implants. Denture wearers common problems are loose fitting dentures. Loose dentures can make it difficult to eat some foods and your self-confidence can be affected when you feel your dentures move whilst talking. So what types of denture implants are available to you?

Types of denture implants – what are they?

Being a denture wearer you will know dentures sit on the gums where as an implant retained denture is supported by and attached to Implants. Deciding which types of denture implants are best for you is a decision based on either having top or bottom or both dentures replaced by denture implants. Denture implants are life changing and have many advantages.

If you have no real teeth left the all on 4 dental implant solution is a revolutionary concept for giving you a complete set of fixed teeth in your mouth. By reducing the number of dental implants needed the costs of the denture treatment can also be reduced. The all in 4 is ideal for patients who have suffered bone loss and cannot have dental implants and for patients who have failing crowns or bridges. So if you are looking at one of the best types of denture implants then this might just be the solution for you.

Before to replace all your teeth at least 8 to 10 dental implants per jaw would have been needed with many visits to the dental surgery for things such as bone grafts or sinus lifts would be needed. All in 4 has a minimal recovery time, the patient can usually have fixed teeth in one day therefore reducing the costs compared to traditional denture implant procedures. Restore your confidence and the ability to eat all types of food.
Do not get mixed up with the whole procedure taking just one day as the planning for this procedure can take several weeks and once fully planned the actual denture implant procedure can be completed in one day. One of the very latest types of denture implants.

Types of denture implants – what’s the first step?

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